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43: Harris at Windsor

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Southbound Harris approaching Windsor

Looking at Westbound Windsor traffic coming up the hill from Lamar towards Mopac

Looking down the hill towards Lamar from the other side of the intersection (where Windsor splits off from 24th)
This is a spot which is crying out for a traffic light. Since the intersection of Hartford and Windsor only allows local northbound traffic (southbound is turned around so that the exit ramp to Mopac can use the space), a cyclist must either cross here or go down one of the previous cross streets to Lamar (equally dumb). However, by traffic engineering standards this intersection will probably never get a signal because there's not enough car traffic on the cross street and they typically don't count cyclists. Even if they did, I can't recommend this crossing to anyone short of advanced commuter status as it requires a left onto a narrow 4-lane high-traffic street used as a freeway entrance into downtown and the University of Texas. And we'll probably never see a large number of cyclists here until a signal is put in since it looks so scary, so it's the typical catch-22. For an advanced commuter, the problem this intersection presents is time - it occasionally takes as long as 5 or 10 minutes to find a big enough gap to turn left. After that, it's a nice quick 500 feet downhill to the spot where Windsor splits off and heads southerly towards Enfield while the car traffic all goes on 24th towards UT.
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