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14: Mesa Northbound

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Mesa Blvd. (Dr.?) just past Steck Ave.

Mesa near 4-way stop with Hyridge
Another of the typical type of street in Austin which gets bike lanes, Mesa Dr. is either a minor arterial or major collector depending on whether or not the neighborhood feels threatened that day (like Shoal Creek); and has bike lanes which predated the policy to prohibit parking before striping lanes. In 1999, these lanes were changed into no-parking zones but enforcement was a huge problem with Anderson High School students preferring to park in front of the school. The problems were eventually resolved (somebody finally got a cop out there a few days in a row) and have generally not recurred since (refuting the arguments of some of the Shoal Creek neighbors). In the northbound direction, I only take Mesa for a short distance to the 4-way stop at Hyridge. These bike lanes are fairly standard width and are in generally good condition.
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