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24: Riata Trace Parkway EB 1

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Near Riata entrance

Apartments across street
It's ironic that Riata Trace Parkway abbreviates to RTP, because that's exactly what this office park reminds me of. Car-dependent sprawling development which tries to portray itself as environmentally friendly because they left a few trees standings.

This arterial somehow escaped the city's rules for sidewalk construction; I have yet to figure out what justification they used. There is no sidewalk on the eastbound side of the road until you get right up to the office complex (at least half a mile), and the sidewalk on the westbound side doesn't start much before that. So, of course, you've just made it even less attractive to use transit since you've got to get off your bus, walk 1.5 miles to the entrance (link back to duval183 slide), then walk another half mile in the scrub or in the road.

Also, an opportunity to make bike commuting a little easier was missed too - this was a brand-new roadway but was built with two narrow car lanes on each side instead of either a wide outside lane or bike lane.

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