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28: Riata Trace Parkway on way home

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Exit from office

Entrance to solectron/cisco cut-through
On the way home, I utilize a semi-illegal cut through on the Solectron/Cisco property in order to get to Oak Knoll without having to use the 183 frontage road (which would require waiting for 20 minutes in car traffic to get on the frontage road; then trying to get over 2 lanes to the left by the traffic light amidst heavy 55-mph car traffic).

So I only use WB Riata Trace Parkway about half the length as on the way in, then turn into Solectron's old back entrance.

Note that the exit from the office parking lot is another poorly designed intersection. You have a divided 4-lane road with turn bays with curves on either end to prevent long-distance visibility, and yet the people exiting from the office complex on my side and the apartment complex on the other side must do so at a 2-way stop sign. This intersection ought to have a traffic light, but the city will probably only put in a 4-way stop when they get complaints; and that will be almost as bad due to the multiple lanes in each direction.

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