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9: Shoal Creek 1

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Shoal Creek northbound just past Hancock

Shoal Creek looking back southbound towards Hancock (note parking)

Bike lane sign on Shoal Creek

Shoal Creek at RM 2222, northbound
The northbound ride on Shoal Creek Blvd. is usually very pleasant. Lots of nice shade trees, fairly calm traffic, and a smooth road (now that it's been repaved). Unfortunately, these bike lanes are very old and like most older bike lanes in the city of Austin, nobody thought to prohibit parking when they were installed. A major battle was fought over this issue in the summer of 2000 when the road was repaved and ready to be restriped. 2004 update: Still no stripes - and no bike lanes. See debacles pages below.

My page on the Shoal Creek Debacle

Michael Bluejay's page on the Shoal Creek Debacle

This area is fairly monotonous 1950s-1970s suburban-style architecture, universally single-family in nature; very large front lawns (excessive setbacks).

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