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29: Illegal short-cut through Solectron

Linking to anchors currently broken, so you'll have to scroll to see the medium version of the picture you clicked on.

Near the end of the cut-through (Oak Knoll/183 visible on left)

At Oak Knoll/183 light, looking back at "No Trespassing" sign

Crappy zoom - I'll go get a better shot of this later.
This cut-through is necessary because of TXDOT's Frontage Roads Uber Alles sprawl-friendly design obsession. Unfortunately, it's also illegal; and if/when they ever put up a sign in the direction that I go, I may have to stop bicycle commuting to work, because going up the NB 183 frontage road during rush hour and turning left onto Oak Knoll is not practical even for an experienced bicycle commuter.
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