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39: Spicewood Springs

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Eastbound Spicewood Springs Rd. near Mesa Dr.

Eastbound Spicewood Springs about 1/4 mile short of Mopac
Spicewood Springs is a long coast down to Woodhollow; at which point you must take the center lane to avoid getting stuck with traffic heading southbound on Mopac. This gets a little hairy once in a while as some Jethro can't figure out why you're not all the way to the right. The road is wide enough for bike lanes but for some odd reason I can't remember, they were never striped, even though there's a sign up (see first picture). This road is a bad example of excessive neighborhood control of arterials since its design speed is clearly at least 45 mph, yet it's severely underposted at 35. There are no residences which directly abut the road.
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