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12: Steck Ave. 1

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Steck Ave. at the bridge over Mopac (Loop 1)

Steck Ave. at Shoal Creek Blvd.

Steck Ave. as it goes under the railroad
(These pictures aren't in geographical order). Steck Ave. is my preferred morning crossing of Mopac because it's the least steep hill. However, it has some major drawbacks - when you approach the northbound frontage road generally you still have enough momentum from going under the railroad bridge to get out of turning cars' path fairly quickly, but then when the light turns green you must cross a gradual uphill over the bridge and then a short steep hill immediately after the SB frontage road. This is one of the most stressful parts of the commute. When I was working in a temporary office off Spicewood Springs Rd. and Mesa Blvd., I took Hancock Dr. across Mopac in the mornings, which is much less stressful since it has no access to/from Mopac, but is far more hilly and since the current work commute includes another huge hill later on, I put up with the stress here. Shortly after the short steep hill, Steck Ave. changes from a 4-lane configuration to 2 car lanes plus bike lanes and gets a million times calmer overnight.
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