Noter Dame 'begged' Joe Paterno for Big Ten slot
Lew Holts 
Former Noter Dame coach Lew Holts
According to Joe Paterno's upcoming memoirs, published in anticipation of his death by his estate, Noter Dame coach Lew Holts 'begged' him to use his influence with the Big Ten conference to offer him a spot.

"I have to admit I was shocked at how abjectly he begged us to use what little power we had," said Paterno, "but then again, there's only so many more recruits that Kim Dunbar chick could have brought in before the excrement hit the fan."

"Of course I intervened for my old friend Lew," continued Paterno, "even though the sonofabitch dropped our series when I joined the Big Ten, but that lousy drunk Moeller used his automatic Michigan Veto to put the old kibosh on Noter Dame's admission."