March 2004 Pictures

  Jeanne and Ethan try not to fall sideways off the chair Baby turtling on mommy Closeup of the baby turtle Baby's in a good mood today. Close-up of Mr. Sunshine  

  Our Mountain Laurel during a good spring Front of our house - early spring 2004 Right front side of our house - early spring 2004 Close-up of porch flowers Mike picked and planted the snapdragons this year  

  What Mountain Laurel flowers look like close-up Bluebonnets! Pretty people behind pretty plants Baby looks grumpy. He doesn't like shoes. Snapdragons, mommy, and Ethan  

  On the porch-swing More porch-swing Jeanne and Ethan in front of the mountain-laurel  

  Baby and bluebonnets (take one) Bluebabybonnets (take two) Closeup of bluebabybonnets Ethan loves his aquarium swing Fish are friends, not food!  

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