May 2004

  Ethan and dad have a delightful lunch together Cody wants some. I ain't that easy. He's a little leery of the costume, you can tell. This may have been the first time I captured a smile on camera...  

  Justin at Wildflower Center More Wildflower Center The boys and the flowers (hopefully you can tell which is which) Flowers growing on vertical wall Ethan and Great-Grandma Hassell  

  I don't know how he sleeps sideways like that! 'Sup I don't think he likes the shoes This very oddly shaped baby is brought to you by the magic of big puffy cloth diapers  

  Grandma Hassell made this upholstery for Jeanne's rocker  

  Grandma and Uncle Jon  

  Uncle Jon and Ethan Uncle Jon and Ethan  

  White furry log Do not taunt the furry log This may have been when he learned  

  Geometric shapes. How amazing.  

  There's a bird on my head. Can't you hear me? THERE'S A BIRD ON MY HEAD! About time you took that off. At Aunt Karen's baby shower for Cousin Leo More early smile capture  


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