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Mike's biking page

Here's the list of the rides I do often enough to have them as standard choices in my bike log.

Commonly Used Route Segments

These segments are used often enough to be referred to by multiple trips, even though they aren't typically a trip in and of themselves.

House to South loop 360

This ride takes you from my new house north of UT to loop 360 in south Austin; and forms the start of many of my old work rides and many of my recreational rides.

1 Leave house; turn west on 35th Street
2 West on 35th Street to Speedway
3 Turn left (south) on Speedway

Fast and Noisy:

South on Speedway to 31st Street; continue on short cut-off to 30th Street (do not follow Speedway on easterly jog).

Slow and Scenic:

South on Speedway to 31st Street, follow 31st/Speedway along easterly jog; continue south on Speedway to traffic light at 26th Street (several additional 4-way stops)

5 Turn right (east) on 30th Street

Continue south on Speedway across 26th Street into University of Texas.

6 East on 30th Street to Hemphill Park Drive (several blocks) Continue south on Speedway to bicycle dismount zone just past 24th Street.
7 Left (south) on Hemphill Park Drive Get your ass off your bike; the rules apply to you too. Walk bike to end of dismount zone a whole entire block.
8 South on Hemphill Park Drive to merge with Fruth Get back on bike, bitch at UT about dismount zone; continue south on Speedway
9 Left (south) on Fruth South on Speedway past 4-way stop at 21st St. and through traffic light at MLK Blvd.
10 South on Fruth one block to 29th Street Road changes to Congress Avenue south of MLK. Continue through Capitol Complex (go right when heading south around Capitol; blow air-kisses to legislators)
  Right (east) on 29th Street Resume Congress Avenue on south side of Capitol.
  East on 29th Street one block to traffic light at Guadalupe

Start Fast Again:

Right (west) on 11th St.

Keep Going Slow:

Continue south on Congress Avenue through downtown to Cesar Chavez Blvd.

  Left (south) on Guadalupe West on 11th St. to Guadalupe (a couple of blocks)
  South on Guadalupe past UT (bike lanes start at 24th and continue to MLK) Left (south) on Guadalupe
  South on Guadalupe through west edge of downtown and merge with Lavaca Street at south edge of downtown just after Cesar Chavez Blvd. Cross river on Congress Avenue Bridge
  Continue south on South 1st Street to traffic light at Barton Springs Road   Continue south on Congress Avenue to Barton Springs Road (right-turn only quick-turn right after bridge)
  Turn right (west) on Barton Springs Road
  West on Barton Springs Road past Lamar Blvd. into Zilker Park
  Continue here


Condo to 360

This ride takes you from my old condo in Clarksville to 360 at Westbank; and forms the start of many of my rides.

1 East on Waterston Avenue to West Lynn St. West on Waterston Avenue to nortbound Mopac frontage
2 Right (south) on West Lynn St. Right (north) on northbound Mopac frontage
3 South on West Lynn St. to W 6 St. North on northbound Mopac frontage to Enfield Rd .
4 Right (west) on W 6 St. Left (west) on Enfield Rd.
5 West on W 6 St. to Johnson Creek Hike & Bike Trail (just before Mopac) West on Enfield Rd. to southbound Mopac frontage

Hike & Bike trail (slow/scenic):

Get on H&B trail; follow to Veterans Drive

Stay on street (fast/ugly):

Continue on W 6 St. as it changes to Lake Austin Blvd.

Left (south) on southbound Mopac frontage
7 Cross Veterans Drive at crosswalk to bike/pedestrian bridge over Town Lake Left at light on SB Mopac frontage road South on southbound Mopac frontage to light at Lake Austin Blvd.; go straight at light.
8 Follow one-way street down to Veterans Drive; turn left on Veterans Drive.
9 Follow Veterans Drive east to crosswalk to Mopac bike/pedestrian bridge over Town Lake
10 Follow wide sidewalk uphill to Stratford Drive.

More, shallower, hills:

Turn left on Stratford Drive.

Fewer, steeper, hills:

Turn right on Stratford Drive.

12 West and south on Stratford Drive to Barton Springs Road East and south on Stratford Drive (up giant hill) to Paige Drive.
13 Right (east) on Barton Springs Road Left (south) on (Vaile?) Drive
14 East on Barton Springs and south on Mopac frontage to Rollingwood Drive South on (Vaile?) Drive to George B Hatley Drive (one or two blocks)
15 Right (northwest) on Rollingwood Drive Right (northwest) on George B Hatley Drive
16 Northwest on Rollingwood Drive to Inwood Road (several hills, at least one 4-way stop sign, and many blocks) Northwest on George B Hatley Drive to Inwood Road (one block)
17 Left (south) on Inwood Road
18 South on Inwood Road to Rollingwood Drive (a couple of blocks)
19 Right (northwest) on Rollingwood Drive
20 Northwest and west on Rollingwood Drive to stoplight at Bee Caves Road (RM 2244) (many blocks and at least one stop sign)
21 Cross Bee Caves Road at traffic light; road changes names to Old Walsh Tarlton
22 South on Old Walsh Tarlton up medium hill then down hill to Wilderness Drive (stop sign)
23 Right (west) on Wilderness Drive
24 West on Wilderness Drive. to (new) Walsh Tarlton (stop sign) (a couple of blocks) (trouble spot in morning - high traffic for middle school)
25 Left (south) on Walsh Tarlton
26 South on Walsh Tarlton to traffic light at Pinnacle Drive (one short block)
27 Right (west) on Pinnacle Road
28 West on Pinnacle Road and north at short jog where road joins Allen Drive to traffic light at Westbank Drive (many blocks and at least one stop sign). One medium hill.
29 Left (west) on Westbank Drive
30 West on Westbank Drive by Westlake High (say hello to friendly employee in the morning) up long medium hill to light at Loop 360.
31 Right on Loop 360 to begin northbound ride on 360


Condo to and from Original S3 Office (Jollyville and Oak Knoll)

My whole trip to and from work. Trip to work measured via car odometer at 12.8 miles. Trip home estimated to be the same. No shower.

Condo to and from Original S3 Office, bus boost in AM

Trip to 38th/Lamar bus stop estimated at 3.0 miles, ride home estimated at 12.8 miles (see above).

Full Loop 360 ride from condo

Estimated round trip of 25.0 miles.

Barton Creek condo to Twin Falls

This trip was something I did quite often during the spring after I quit IBM (until Mexico caught on fire); basically a bike/swim trip. Estimated 3.25 miles each way to trailhead (total 6), 4.75 miles each way to Twin Falls, total estimated 16.0 miles.

Side trip to Lincoln Oaks for volleyball

Estimated extra distance added to trip home: 6.0 miles. Only did this a few times.

Typical route:
1Leave work route @ Jollyville/Duval
2Left on Duval
3East on Duval across 183 to Mopac
4Left on N-bound frontage spur
5Cross N-bound frontage, start Gracy Farms Rd.
6Up hill to Stonehollow Blvd.
7Right on Stonehollow
8South on Stonehollow to Lincoln Oaks (just before Metric Blvd.)
9Whoop Ass in volleyball
10Get on Metric Blvd. Southbound
11South on Metric across Braker and Kramer to Rutland Dr.
12Right on Rutland Dr.
13West on Rutland Dr. to Burnet Rd.
14Left on Burnet Rd.
15South on Burnet Rd. across 183 to Rockwood Lane
16Right on Rockwood Lane
17West then South on Rockwood Lane to Steck Ave.
18Right on Steck Ave.
19West on Steck Ave. to Shoal Creek Blvd.
20Left on Shoal Creek Blvd. to rejoin home-from-work route

Condo to Aussie's and back (volleyball match)

Old route to Aussie's for volleyball. Did this lots of times. Sometimes would just cross river on Lamar; but distance was about the same either way.

Estimated via Yahoo Maps: 5.4 miles round trip

Typical route:
1Waterston East to West Lynn
2Right on West Lynn
3West Lynn South to 12th St.
4Left on 12th St.
512th St. East across Lamar to West Ave.
6Right on West Ave.
7West Ave. South across 6th St. to 5th St.
8Left on 5th St.
95th St. East to Nueces St.
10Right on Nueces St.
11Nueces St. South to 3rd St.
12Left on 3rd St.
133rd St. East to Guadalupe St.
14Right on Guadalupe St.
15Guadalupe St. South across Town Lake to Riverside Dr.
16Left on Riverside Dr.
17East on Riverside Dr. to Aussie's
18Left into Aussie's back lot

Condo to BackYard (71/620) and back

SWAG estimate 38 miles

Until I write this up, the basic story is here.

Temporary office commute

This was the commute from my condominium to a temporary sublease S3 got for us because their lawyers never bothered to finish the paperwork on our "new" office at Riata until several months too late for us to actually move in. Biked a few times here; no shower.

Typical route follows, estimated round-trip is 18 miles

1Waterston east to West Lynn. Left (north) on West Lynn.
2West Lynn north through light at Enfield to stop sign at Niles. Left (west) on Niles.
3Niles west past 4-way stop, down hill to stop sign at Hartford. Right (north) on Hartford.
4Hartford north through light at Windsor, stay on Hartford at split with Mopac.
5Hartford north, jogs west and back north, becomes Jefferson.
6Jefferson north through 2 4-way stops at Northland and 29th, through light at 35th, to light at Bull Creek / 38th. Left (northwest) on Bull Creek.
7Bull Creek northwest and then north up gradual hill, through light at 45th, up another hill to light at Balcones. Left (west) on Hancock for new route; Right (east) on Hancock for old route to work.
8New Route: Hancock west, up hill and across Mopac to light at Balcones. Right (north) on Balcones.
9North on Balcones, stay on Balcones to the right at split with Parkcrest Dr., through light at 2222, continue north until nortbound lane ends at North Hills Dr. Left (west) on North Hills.
10West on North Hills, up hill, through 4-way stop at Wood Hollow, to 4-way stop at Hart Lane, turn right (north) on Hart
11North on Hart to 4-way stop at Greystone. Left (west) on Greystone.
12West on Greystone through 4-way stop at Chimney Corners, up hill to 4-way stop at Mesa. Right (north) on Mesa.
13North on Mesa to light at Spicewood Springs. Left (northwest) on Spicewood Springs.
14Northwest to North on Spicewood Springs to office at 4833 Spicewood Springs Rd.

Typical route home:
1ESE on Spicewood Springs Rd. through light at Mesa, down long hill to Mopac, through light at Mopac, down another long hill to light at Shoal Creek Blvd. Right (south) on Shoal Creek.
2South on Shoal Creek through 4-way stop at Foster, 4-way stop at ??, light at 2222, to light at Hancock. Right (west) on Hancock.
3West on Hancock to light at Bull Creek. Left (south) on Bull Creek.
4South on Bull Creek through light at 45th (long wait!), South to Southwest on Bull Creek to light at Jefferson/38th. Right (south) on Jefferson.
5South on Jefferson through light at 35th (long wait!), over speed humps, to 4-way stop at 29th. Left (west) on 29th.
6East on 29th to 4-way stop at Harris Blvd. Right (south) on Harris.
7South on Harris to stop-sign at 24th St. (long wait!). Left on 24th St. for about 100 ft., right (south) on Windsor Rd.
8South on Windsor Rd., bear right at split with Pease Rd. South on Pease Rd. to 4-way stop at Niles Rd. Left (east) on Niles Rd.
9East on Niles Rd. to West Lynn, right (south) on West Lynn.
10South on West Lynn, through light on Enfield (long wait!), to Waterston Ave. Right on Waterston to 1610.

Old Route to work:
1East on Hancock to light at Shoal Creek Blvd. Left (north) on Shoal Creek.
2North on Shoal Creek through light on 2222 and several 4-way stops to light at Anderson Lane. Left (west) on Anderson.
3West on Anderson up hill to Mopac, through light, road changes to Spicewood Springs, up long bad hill through light on Mesa, to 4833.

Old work commute to/from Riata

27 miles

I'll get this up here sooner or later but for now you might want to look at the slideshow. This was the trip from my condominium to the 3rd of 4 offices I had at S3; and where I biked the most times to work. Very nice shower.

Work Commute from Condo to Old Realvue Office

Start with the Condo To Loop 360 Segment.

1 From the intersection of Loop 360 and Westbank Drive, continue north on Loop 360 to Bee Caves Road off-ramp. This is a couple of miles; a couple of traffic-lights.
2 At off-ramp, get in right lane which can turn left; and get ready to wait a long time (especially in the morning). Light cycles are short and somewhat gridlocked; prepare to cool off at this juncture and be patient. Turn left on Bee Caves and get ready to wait again at southbound 360 light.
3 Continue west on Bee Caves Road (RM 2244) up medium hill; around bendy parts; past light at Barton Creek Blvd.; then down and back up two large hills. Pedal hard at bottom of first and second hill and you can make it almost all the way up without getting into uphill gears.
4 Two more hill segments are more twisty than steep; then turn left at light for Crystal Mountain office complex at 9433 Bee Caves Road and hit the shower.

House to Casis Elementary

This is the route I take when I ride with Justin to his school in the morning.

1 35th Street west to Speedway.
2 Turn left (south) on Speedway.
3 South on Speedway for one block to 34th Street.
4 Right (west) on 34th Street
5 West on 34th Street through light at Guadalupe to West Avenue (several blocks after light)
6 Left (south) on West Avenue
7 South on West Avenue to 30th Street (several blocks)
8 Right (west) on 30th Street
9 West one short block on 30th Street to Pearl Street
10 Left (south) on Pearl Street
11 South on Pearl Street to 29th Street (one block)
12 Right (west) on 29th Street
13 West on 29th Street through light at Lamar Blvd., up hill, to 4-way stop sign at Harris Blvd.
14 Left (south) on Harris Blvd.
15 South on Harris Blvd. to 4-way stop at Northwood Road
16 Right (west) on Northwood Road
17 West on Northwood Road through 4-way stop at Jefferson Street and down hill (under Mopac freeway).
18 Continue West on Northwood Road up hill from Mopac freeway to traffic light at Exposition Blvd. Casis is at this corner.

Casis Elementary to New Realvue Office

1 East on Northwood Road underneath Mopac Freeway to 4-way stop sign at Jefferson Street
2 Turn Left (North) on Jefferson Street
3 North on Jefferson Street past annoying 4-way stop at 29th St., annoying speed humps, and traffic light at 35th Street to traffic light at 38th Street and Bull Creek Road
4 Turn Left (Northwest) on Bull Creek Road
5 Northwest and North on Bull Creek Road past light at 45th Street to light at Hancock Drive
6 Turn Left (West) on Hancock Drive
7 West on Hancock Drive on bridge over Mopac freeway to light at Balcones Drive (uphill over bridge)
8 Turn Right (North) on Balcones Drive
9 North on Balcones Drive through light at FM 2222 to mandatory left-turn at North Hills Drive
10 Turn Left (West) on North Hills Drive
11 West on North Hills Drive through many 4-way stops and 2-way stop at Mesa Drive to end of road at Far West Boulevard (several large uphills)
12 Left (West) on Far West Boulevard
13 West and Southwest down very steep hills on Far West Boulevard to end of road at Ladera Norte
14 Continue Right (North) on Ladera Norte to Backtrail Drive (one block)
15 Turn Left (West) on Backtrail Drive
16 West on Backtrail Drive to Cedro Trail (one block, uphill)
17 Turn Left (South) on Cedro Trail
18 South, West, and North on Cedro Trail to end of road at Driftwood Drive (up big hill, then downhill; several blocks)
19 Turn Left (West) on Driftwood Drive
20 West on Driftwood Drive to end of road at Lakewood Drive (bit more than a block)
21 Turn Left (South) on Lakewood Drive
22 South on Lakewood Drive to end of road at FM 2222 (several blocks)
23 Turn Right (West) on FM 2222
24 West on FM2222 through intersection with Loop 360 (go fast until shortly after bridges where shoulder reappears)
25 Continue West on FM2222 for 3 or 4 miles to 8601 FM 2222; turn left into office (up several moderately difficult and very long hills)

Express Bus Stop (Balcones Woods / Jollyville) to work

1Get off bus
2Remove bike from luggage compartment
3Flip off gawkers
4Eastish on Balcones Woods to US 183 frontage road
5Turn right (south) on US 183 frontage road
6South on US 183 frontage for about 2/10 mile to office