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21: Duval and 183

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Duval Rd. looking east/north @ US 183

Walgreens' parking lot. Notice elevated freeway section.

Looking back at the southbound frontage of US 183. Note sidewalk at Walgreen's.

Looking southbound at the southbound frontage of US 183. Note yield signs at crosswalks.
Duval is just a short jog from Jollyville over to the 183 NB frontage road. However, this intersection is notable because it shows how new-suburban design still is a miserable failure for everyone except cars. Note that there are sidewalks here (mainly because the city's Land Development Code requires that they be installed when properties are developed if they don't exist already), but in order to cross US 183 you have to navigate a high-speed right-turn-only lane which has a puny little "Yield" sign. I can tell you from past experience crossing US 183 at Burnet Rd. in the mornings as a pedestrian that these signs don't do squat to slow down cars even when somebody is in the crosswalk; the angle of the turn is such that they think it's another exit ramp, not a place where you are required by law to stop for pedestrians.

Also observe that the freeway is elevated at this spot but returns to ground-level immediately after the intersection. Unfortunately, more idiotic TXDOT frontage road garbage means that we're now stuck forever with the number of crossings we originally had on this road, even though the new megacomplex at Riata might merit at least a bridge over the highway.

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