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44: Pease to Niles

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Windsor before Pease

The perpetual pothole

Pease please
The home stretch. After the Windsor/24th intersection, there's another diagonal to navigate which splits off Pease from Windsor and another street whose name I can't remember now. I go uphill a bit on Pease past the famous mansion of a former governor to the 4-way-stop at Niles, and then it's the same way home as to work, except it's all downhill! (Well, except for the long wait at the West Lynn / Enfield light).

The pothole shown here appears to be the result of a tiny spring (we also have a few in my neighborhood), and is filled in like clockwork every month or two by city crews. One would think that after a few times it would be more cost-effective to narrow the intersection and allow the spring to pump out its tiny water output in a grassy area, but that requires more than the typical amount of forward thinking.

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