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7: Bull Creek between Jefferson and 45th

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Bull Creek Rd. heading N/NE just past the intersection with Jefferson and 38th

Bull Creek Rd. heading N after the bend to the right (still well south of 45th)
This section of the trip is the first one where there isn't a lot of shade - but in the morning it's not a big deal. It's also another long shallow climb, but in the morning this usually isn't too bad since the prevailing winds are out of the S and SE. This is the first section of my trip which has bike lanes, and these were added sometime in the late 1990s (and have no-parking signs throughout their length). Width is standard. The major problem with this facility has been the recurrence of huge cracks on the edge of the pavement due to heavy bus traffic; and the Public Works Department's fairly slow response to requests to fill them in. Unfortunately the cracks are largest at the edge, which is precisely where bicycles are encouraged to ride, but the cracks have the largest impact on cyclists.
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