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6: Jefferson St.

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Jefferson St. northbound at 29th St.

Jefferson St. northbound at 35th St.
Jefferson St. is a very pleasant part of the ride - a fairly calm two-lane road with no car parking and minor cut-through traffic problems. Unfortunately, the city installed speed humps on the street to handle the minor cut-through traffic which forces small cars to slow down to about 20mph (10 below the limit) while allowing SUVs and other high-clearance vehicles to go 30 or faster. Stupid traffic-calming move which doesn't help other road users at all and just pisses off car drivers. Anyways, the road is still shady but this is the first minor uphill section of the trip. The traffic light at 35th St. has a rather long minimum red cycle and is triggered (not timed), but has a loop detector which is supposed to detect bicycles. My experience is that it works about 80% of the time; luckily there's usually car traffic to assist in triggering the light and there are pedestrian signals to use in a pinch.
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