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41: Southbound etc.

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Southbound Jefferson near 30th St.

Eastbound 30th St.
There's a long gap between the previous slide and this one because the route home is identical to the route to work. Here's the two endpoint slides for that section of route: Shoal Creek 3: (click here to see slide) south to Jefferson: (click here to see slide)

The next place where the two routes diverge is on Jefferson near the twin 4-way stops at Northwood and 29th. Basically due to the Mopac on-ramp at Windsor which destroyed southbound Hartford Rd., you must cross Windsor at Harris Blvd., which is a parallel N-S street a few blocks east. There are many good alternatives to get over from Jefferson to Harris, but what I usually do is jump over on 30th right before the first 4-way-stop, if there's no cars coming the other way. That way I only have to go through the two 4-way stops on Harris which have less car traffic.

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