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40: Anderson Lane

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Eastbound Spicewood Springs at Mopac where it turns into Anderson Lane

Eastbound Anderson Lane at Shoal Creek Vlvd.
At Mopac, Spicewood Springs Rd. turns into Anderson Lane and goes through a busy 1970s-era collection of suburban strip malls. The road was recently reconstructed due to heavy bus traffic, and the speed limit is 35 - which would make this road OK for cycling except the design speed is about 40-45, so actual car speed is close to 40 when the lights aren't slowing everybody down. This would be a good candidate for downtown-like synchronization to 25 mph (with a light at every street instead of just the half of them which are signalled now).

The transition over Mopac can be distressing as you must try to accelerate up a hill and then over a narrow lane on the bridge while cars are trying to speed up after the long wait at the traffic light, which is one reason why a novice commuter would probably be better off crossing Mopac in this direction on Steck or Far West.

There's now a long gap southbound between this slide and the next one since the route home at this stage is identical to the route to work.

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