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10: Shoal Creek 2

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Shoal Creek Blvd. northbound just past RM 2222

New prototype bicycle route sign

Shoal Creek Blvd. crosses over Shoal Creek a couple of times.

Far West Blvd. bike/pedestrian path heading west to bridge across Mopac
Between RM 2222 and the Northcross Mall area, Shoal Creek Blvd. is a very pleasant ride through a tree-lined traditional 1950s-1960s suburban-style neighborhood. Note parking in bike lane areas (add link later to SCBL page). The new bicycle route sign shown here is a bit hard to see because of poor lighting in the morning, but these are supposed to be showing up on more routes around town soon (add link to city page). There is a large district park in this area, and also there's a bike/ped path which takes you up to the bridge where Far West Blvd. ends at Mopac. This is another option for crossing Mopac but still involves too steep a hill for my taste.
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