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11: Shoal Creek 3

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Another type of new bike route sign (these are fairly ubiquitous now)

Shoal Creek northbound approaching Foster

Shoal Creek northbound at Anderson Lane

Shoal Creek northbound at Steck Ave.
The type of bicycle route sign shown here is in evidence all over the city now; they direct cyclists along the designated bike routes in the (link: Austin bike map). Once you get across Foster, the character of the road changes dramatically into a suburban arterial (although nowhere nearly as unfriendly as Jollyville Rd. (forward link?)). Note substandard width bike lanes between Anderson and US 183; this was raised with the city but they claim work was done as directed even though the measurements taken by myself and another UT Commissioner showed the lanes were very substandard. In addition, the paving is a few inches higher than utility covers in the bike lanes making these lanes unsuitable for novice cyclists.
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